Latest Scenes

AnneMarie 19inch calf show

Mindblowing calves! 19 inch and hard!

Carmen sixpack and the legshow

Beautiful leg and abs posing with Carmen.

Tatianna Sensual Muscleworship

Tatiana loves to get her muscles worshiped in bed!

Tara Headscissors

Tara super strong head scissors!

Erotic Muscleworship II

Two gorgeous musclegirls worship their nude bodies in the bedroom. Lift and carry too.

Andrea Mixed Wrestling

Wrestling with a man. Andrea is the real deal here with power and technique.

Super Double Trample 320lbs

Annie and Samantha filming a real trample session. This guy gets worked over but good. double trampling over...

Pecworship muscletalk: Big Hands and Big Nipples

Nude pump in the gym and muscletalk!

Forced Muscle Worship

Anna dominates a smaller woman and forces her to worship her powerful muscles.