Latest Scenes

Annie and Pete Bellypunching with LC

Pete is a strong young man that Annie found online....he was impressed with her muscularity and had the idea...

My Female Musclecock: (Part 2)

Annie is in the gym with her huge cock swinging for part 2 of her display of muscular and verbal dominance....

Muscular GFE Handjob

Time for your muscular girlfriend to give you your daily handjob!

Lisa and Samantha Wrestle

The girls are at it again with some more topless wrestling~you'll thoroughly enjoy watching their perfect hot...

Holds By A Musclegirl

Laurie Steele is squishing her victim with various holds and scissors. This 180 lb man looks like a flattened...

Handjob 2

Annie gives a muscular handjob for her man. Biceps fucking.

Naked Armwrestling

Lisa and Annie: Two heavyweight female bodybuilders test each others strength at armwrestling. 2 out of 3...

Naughty Nuriye: Nipple Clamps Naughty Muscletalk

Flexing with nipple clamps, pec bouncing and muscle talk!

Nature Walk

Jennifer and Megan are two lovers who go for a walk in the woods and kiss and lay down together.