Latest Scenes

Ms Steele Shirtrip

Ms Steele shows her power by blasting out of a shirt!

Calf Fuck

Annie just got done making a masturbation instruction video starring her calves...(the video is right below...

My Female Musclecock (Part 1)

Annie is in the gym and tells you how her testosterone is flowing from her workouts....she says she sucked the...

Megan Avalon Face Sitting

She loves to dominate a man sitting on his face

HandJob 3

Annie does a great handjob for her man. Teases him with her sexy legs.

Giant Feet

Poor little man threatened by giant feet!

Domination Attempt

The tables are turned on this poor bastard who thinks he could dominate Annie! Very aggressive wrestling...

Bouncin' To Music

Mz Devious and Annie compare pec bouncing!

Dress Workout in the Gym

Annie wears a dress and heels to the gym and does a workout with the dumbells!