Latest Scenes

Lisa Cross Extreme Muscular Sensuality

Sexy posing on the bed. Super muscularity!

Lift And Carry Nude

Annie lifts her man around the pool.

Muscleworship and Pegging

Annie takes control with making this guy worship her muscles and then proceeds to fuck him in the ass!

Muscular Girlfriend Experience: sometimes they get rough

Muscle girlfriends are notorious for manhandling their men and Annie is no exception. She's nice and sweet and...

Stroke For Stepmommy

Stepmommy comes in to check and see what Kevin is doing before she goes out for the evening...he is lazily...

Amber wrestles small girl.

Wrestling fun with Amber and her small girlfriend.

Muscle Worship

Anna dominates a smaller woman and forces her to worship her powerful muscles.

SessionCam5 Part 2

Part two of the session cam 5 video pictured below. This is unedited 'voyeurcam' session...

Barbending Trashtalk

(impromptu clip)....Annie is on location shooting video for another website; she brings metal bars for the...