Latest Scenes

Andrea Feats of Strength and Wrestling

Annie starts with some measurements of her legs(16 inch calves) and then we see Andrea's skills at martial...

Muscleworship and OTK Training: FULL version

Goddess Samantha brings her slave in for some Muscleworship and OTK Training. The slave is taught how to...

AnneS Pecs Most Muscular

sexy posing on the bed. Most muscular and fantastic pec flexing (no nudity)

Slave Humiliation

Annie plays dress up with her slave. Humiliation

Nuriye hardcore flexing 1

Nuriye shows some hard flexing and power. Huge biceps and most musculars

Brandi Annie Pool Worship

Nude muscle worship with Brandi and Annie

Barbending Musclefuck With Bonus Footage

Annie gives her man a good fucking and then shows her strength by bending a steel bar

Lisa Cross Hard Sensuality

sexy low angle posing in bikini

Jen and Megan: Measure And Compare

These two beauties compare muscle size and worship eachother!