Latest Scenes

Tara: Wet T-Shirt Flexing

Huge and muscular Tara flexes for you in the pool with a sexy wet t-shirt!

Annie: Calves and Feet

If you love to worship Annie's gorgeous calves and feet then this is the clip for you!

Beach Cockworship

A trip to the beach takes a detour when Annie needs to suck his cock!

Caught and Fucked

A theif tries to sneek ino a home. But he learns a lesson from Annie as she fucks him from behind!

Strict and Sensual Muscle Worship (with comparisons)

Annie employs a mixture of strict forcefulness mixed with sensuality to control her worshiping subject...he is...

JenniferK and Becca Muscle Worship (Part 2)

Part two of Becca and JenniferK in bed together! Two lovely beauties in sexy muscle worship!

Pump Muscle Talk: Part 1- Biceps

Annie is the 'Queen of Muscle Talk' and loves to tell you how strong she is as she moves some heavy weight!

L and C Compilation with Annie

Various lifts by Annie of different girls and guys.

Musclemistress and the Maid FULL beat up on the husband

The Musclemistress has the cute young maid over again to clean the house; this time her perverted husband is...