Latest Scenes

Janeen: Pump and Rip Compilation

Various exercises outdoors with weights. Chest, Biceps and back. With flexing

Layla Facesit and Smother

Sexy Layla facesitting!

Biceps In Gym

Annie pumping up in the gym: Dumbells, cables, preacher curls and flexing her massive arms!

Ultimate Muscleworship

He worships Annie's beautiful muscles before she gets on top of him and fucks him like crazy!

Angie: Teeny Bikini

sexy posing on the bed. Ripped and veins!

Virginia: Pecs and Arms Up Close

Super ripped pecs and arms in your face! Ha!

Lift and Carry with Muscleworship: Unedited

This video is largely unedited footage of Annie lifting her new toy. She has him outdoors nude, filmed by...

Dominiques brown toy

Muscular Domme 'Dominique Danger' has her way with a nubile young man....she taunts him verbally and...

Irene Andersen Fishnet Fantasies 2

Sexy and SUPER muscular in hot fishnet