Latest Scenes

Schoolgirl Rage and Morph

Mz Devious stars as a bullied schoolgirl teased by the other kids for being puny and weak. But her luck...

Balls Busted by a Bodybuilder

Annie delivers some hard kicks to this slave's balls!

Annie vs Pete armwrestling

Annie displays her power!

Jennifer Megan Wrestling

Aggressive tussling with these two lovers.


Ripped, hard muscles. Nude on the bed


Jennifer is being followed by a pervy stalker through a hotel lobby, escalator and elevator. When she goes...

Stroke For Musclemommy

Mommy comes in to check and see what Kevin is doing before she goes out for the evening...he is lazily laying...

Cuffed Gagged and Molested

Helpless Annie is bound and gagged on the bed. She is subjected to groping and molested by a man.

Ashleys Toy

Powerful AshleyS dominates this man in the bed!