Latest Scenes

Jen and Megan Hamstrings Workout

Jen and Megan are in their gym training hamstrings but they are focusing more on each other than on the...

Dual Beatdown

Megan and Jennifer are 2 hot musclegirls and they toy with this dude unmercifully...they display their power...

Tickle Torture from an FBB

Jasmine mercilessly tickles a bound up Samantha on the bed.

Carmen and her cock

Carmen loves to tease you with her huge strap-on cock. Sexy muscle talk

Escape from Comrade Ming

Somewhere deep in a Chinese prison, Comrade Ming (Played by Jasmine) challenges her prisoner, Samantha. Ming...

Sammie Lift and Carry

Annie demonstrates her power by lifting smaller girl, Sammie

Latina Lust 2

Beautiful girls are at it again!

Marina: Flexing

Marina flexing on the bed.

Miss Untamed: Seductive Legs and Feet

Sexy legs and feet posing