Stroke For Musclemommy

Mommy comes in to check and see what Kevin is doing before she goes out for the evening...he is lazily laying on the bed and informs her that he is just staying home, possibly will just be calling some friends on the phone. She says ok and then proceeds to go get ready to go out. In the meantime he pulls out his IPAD and starts looking at porn, masturbating of course. She remembers that she has some chores for him to do and takes a minute to go talk to him and catches him with his hand down his pants. Musclemommy has a 'special' relationship with her son and gets turned on by his sneaky little masturbation episode. she tells him that she is going to help him with it, so she takes of her robe and gets on the bed with him to help. She jerks him, flexes her muscles for him and encourages him to stroke his cock and cum for her. Lots of sensual talking by Musclemommy




Flexing, Handjobs, Muscle Mommy

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