'Rage' Part 1

Rage is a short film produced in 3 parts by FTVideo.com, MuscleAngels.com and AweFilms.com. It is the story of 2 women (Played by Annie and Rachael) who are lovers. A third woman comes into their lives (played by Aleesha) and a jealous love triangle spins out of control. The video features sensual worship between muscular women, wrestling bondage, flexing, 'hulking out' (clothes ripping) and more.

This video is PART 1 of a series It features Aleesha being introduced to Annie and Rachael. The three workout together and Rachael is humiliated by the 2 stronger girls. Annie worships Aleesha's muscles and measures them


Rachael Annie


Clothes Ripping, Girl/Girl, Muscle Worship, Wrestling

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