Taras Muscleworship Boy

Extremely sensual muscle worship session with big sexy Tara.....flexing, sensual and soft teasing, muscle kissing, breast smothers, face sitting and scissorholds; this is not rough but very intimate and sensual muscleplay between Tara and her extremely lucky worship boy. Experience what a muscle worship session with Tara is like. *****Annie's commentary: This video is hot...Tara is absolutely smoking hot sensual and big juicy muscular in this video. I had a blast filming this but when I got to the editing it really got me aroused. You can see Tara enjoys playing with her muscle worship boy; teasing him with her hot body, fondling his cock through his pants...I love it when boys get their helpless cocks all hard over the muscle girls;) Tara is so sweet in this, she is tender and sensual yet confident and dominant. I really like to see the sensually dominant side of the muscle girls; it's actually kind of rare that a woman really shows this side, especially on camera. The acting..ugg...oh the dominant smack talk...gets old. At least to me. I like to see a REAL turned-on scene and this, my muscle loving friends, is it.




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