Musclemistress And The Maid: Scissors and Muscleworship

The Musclemistress has the cute young maid over again to clean the house; this time her perverted husband is home. He gropes the maid (just like the Musclemistress did last week) and particularly pervs out on her delicate little feet. Musclemistress Annie is out by the pool thinking the Maid is cleaning while her husband works at the computer. Well, that's not what is happening at all...her perverted husband is all over the Maid! Annie walks in and is furious....she CURSES him out and then kicks him across the mouth for groping HER sexy maid. The two women then proceed to administer a punishing assault, face sitting, scissorholds, belly punches, dick grabbing and tons of verbal punishment


Annie Cheyenne


Belly Punching, Face Sitting, Feet, Girl/Girl, Scissorholds, Smother

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