Latest Scenes

Dress Workout in the Gym

Annie wears a dress and heels to the gym and does a workout with the dumbells!

JenniferK and Becca Muscle Worship (Part 2)

Part two of Becca and JenniferK in bed together! Two lovely beauties in sexy muscle worship!

JenniferK and Nuriye: PecBounce Challenge

Pecs are popping in this epic challenge!

Oiling Massive Maryse topless

Would you love to run your hands over these massive muscles?

Brandis Bitch

Beautif Brandi makes him worship her muscles

Jen Megan Kissing Couch

Beautiful scene between two muscular lovers...kissing, and feeling each other as they lounge on the couch.

Blowjob and Handjob 4

another nice strong handjob~big muscular arms and hands working that skinny guy's cock. again. he gets sucked...

Muscleworship with Barbending Fuck

Annie is doing a muscleworship session and decides to treat the guy to a special show. She flexes and talks...

Feel My Muscles

LisaG is in ripped condition. A weaker man has the honor of feeling her hard muscles.